STORY-TITLEWhen a wealthy old man kills himself restarting an unimaginable machine, a decades old government cover-up starts to unravel. After receiving a strange letter from a JP Morgan trust, New York technology CEO Tom Hartger is thrust onto a preordained course with destiny, he just doesn't know it. Tom is joined by psychiatrist Gwen Pierce. Together the pair stumble onto a patent drawing for a machine which can “pull back the curtain” on the universe. When a shopkeeper is murdered the stakes become all too clear. Tom and Gwen follow the machine's trail to the cloistered sanctuary of Tuxedo Park New York and former residence of Alfred Lee Loomis, an enigmatic and reclusive Wall Street tycoon from the 1920s and 30s who financed his own science laboratory famously nicknamed The Palace of Science. Tom and Gwen discover the whereabouts of several key parts necessary for the machine’s operation but they're not alone in their quest. A rogue FBI agent, Homeland Security and an Eastern Indian billionaire are equally determined to pull back the curtain. The chase intersects NYC landmarks where each character discovers a far deeper connection to the machine and each other. Slowly a new truth emerges. If the truth comes to light it could rock the foundation of mankind’s belief about the nature of the universe and himself. But destiny, like evolution, moves purposely on its quest to become; it can be detoured, even stalled temporarily, but finding a way back onto its original path is inevitable. In an exhilarating blend of science, psychology, philosophy and historical fact, Edwin's Reflection sparks the arrival of a new species of fast-paced, intelligent thrillers that demands relentless page turning. The characters and settings are completely absorbing and the plot is irresistible right up until its mesmerizing and profound conclusion.




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Ray Deeg was born to an architect and an accountant who helped develop his fascination with numbers, design, science and philosophy. After taking a creative writing class in high school he immediately fell in love with the silent power of words and the inherent magic in storytelling. Twenty five years later, Deeg is the author of dozens of short stories and novellas. When he's not writing he's helping colleagues and partners build digital media companies in the greater New York area and has been involved with several highly successful ventures. Deeg attributes the success of Edwin's Reflection to the story's deep roots in real people, real places, and actual events in and around New York City. Deeg lives with his wife in Ramsey New Jersey. Send a note to Ray (at) Raydeeg.com